Japan v Korea - ice sledge hockey - Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

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    Scroll down if you would like to see the final score of this Group A ice sledge hockey match between Japan and Korea at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games on 14 March 2010.
    Japan 5 - 0 Korea
    Goalies: Mitsuru Nagase (Japan) Young-Hoon Chung (Korea)
    Referee: United States Johnathan Morrison
    Korean team:
    Jong-Kyung Lee,
    Hae-Man Lee,
    Jong-Ho Jang,
    Min-Su Han,
    Young-Hoon Chung,
    Sang-Hyeon Park,
    Byeong-Seok Cho,
    Dea-Jung Kim,
    Yong-Min Lee,
    Hyuk-Jun Choi,
    Sung-Keun Sa,
    Young-Jae Cho,
    Seung-Hwan Jung,
    Woo-Chul Park,
    Dong-Shin Jang,
    Japanese team:
    Tomohiko Maruo,
    Daisuke Uehara,
    Atsuya Yaguchi,
    Mitsuru Nagase,
    Kazuhiro Takahashi,
    Noritaka Ito,
    Mikio Annaka,
    Eiji Misawa,
    Satoru Sudo,
    Takayuki Endo,
    Mamoru Yoshikawa,
    Makoto Majima,
    Toshiyuki Nakamura,
    Shinobu Fukushima,
    Naohiko Ishida,
    Daisuke Uehara (Endo, Sudo) (SH) - 4:46
    Mamoru Yoshikawa (Takahashi, Ishida) - 6:21
    Takayuki Endo (Yoshikawa, Uehara) - 7:41
    Mamoru Yoshikawa (Uehara, Takahashi) (PP) - 32:52
    Kazuhiro Takahashi (Yoshikawa) - 34:21
    Japan: 25 shots
    Korea: 11 shots
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